freakiestgeek asked: there is a certain he/she aquarius ive pissed off that i really wanted to be friends with since i know i'll be working with them often in the future. he/she said i was a decent person but also said that my friend who is just like me was the greatest person he/she knows. so is there anyway i can fix this? btw im a cancer who honestly isnt very cancer-ish if you get what im saying

You really just got to talk to them. And if you’ve pissed them off, apologize.
Listen to what they have to say and go off that. Really. See if there’s anything you guys both like and have some bonding time over that subject.

Anonymous asked: Idk what's wrong with me. I'm interested in a really sweet guy and we haven't gotten to really know each other yet I find myself over thinking EVERYTHING. When I try to talk to him, I just clam up/ignore him even though I know I like him and want to get him know him better. It's like I can't let him on to the fact that I'm interested in him, I can't be vulnerable, and it's frustrating. Is this normal in aquas, anyone else ever felt like this? Thanks so much :) feb 9, moon in gem ,cancer ascendan

Yes. I think it is.
We’re so independent that the idea of becoming vulnerable and dependent for a minute scares us.
What I usually do in situations like this is I just go and do it without thinking too much about it. Because like you said, we tend to over think things and back out.
But that’s just what I do. :)

w0rldw0nd3rs asked: I just wanted to say that i am very proud to be an aquarius. I mean I constantly do research on my sign and find it very interesting. The only thing is I always hide my emotions. I could be dying inside and still manage to keep a straight face and act happy. Its getting hard to not be able to show what i'm really feeling Any advice? Thanks :) -Lauren!

Maybe you could find creative outlet like drawing or painting to express your emotions.It seems to help me.
Emily writes poems as her outlet i believe. I’ve also seen people use athletics as an outlet as well.

By the way:
Happy Birthday, fellow January 27th birthday people! 
I hope your birthday was better than mine! Mine was kind of boring.

Anonymous asked: I can't seem to make myself more approachable. When I'm in a situation where i'mnervous I completely shut down. It is only when I feel comfortable over time that I become myself. This is hard especially when it comes to dating. I'm never sure of what people's true intentions are and am scared of even thinking of the possibility that someone would actually love me. This translates into me being cold detached and unapproachable. I want to find love but am scared resulting in my unapproachability.

I can understand where you’re coming from.

The problem is that in order to make yourself more approachable, you may have to take a small leap of faith, as they say, and move past your fear. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be yourself, but just figure out a way to open yourself up a bit more than you usually do. And it doesn’t have to be with words. Stances and eye contact can also make a difference in approachabiltity.

By the way, if anyone else has anything to add or fix here, go ahead. It’s always good to have more advice on here rather than just mine.

Anonymous asked: Is it normal for aquarians to be really childish and have a fear of growing up or being more adult like? my two aquarian friends are very much similar though they don't know each other but they both are very child like in a good but weird way

Aquarians tend to be quite imaginative and “growing up” is often associated with is giving up your imagination for a more “real world” view.
I’ve also been told that I’m very child like in a way, for example, when I’m describing things with my hands and such. So I think it may be an Aquarian thing.

eleutheromaniaq asked: hi there! can aquarian females be described as wild/untamed? really need an answer! your blog is amazing by the way! :)

Some may be, some may not, depends on the person, I think.

Thank you. I know it hasn’t been too amazing recently, but hopefully I’ll be able to do something with it soon.

I hope those of you whose birthdays have passed had happy ones and I hope all the rest you have great birthdays as well!

Anonymous asked: I'm a capricorn and my aquarius boyfriend broke up with me after 4 amazing months. he gave me no warning: he was just as romantic and sweet as usual, and he seemed to really like me and want to stay with me (almost breaking the tradition of being flighty or non-committed) and was very romantic - and then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, he dumps me over the phone with an excuse and i dont know why. i was wondering how you could get back an aquarius man?

I feel like you might need to give him some time. Just trying to jump back with him right after he broke up with you, isn’t a good thing to do. Especially since it may make you seem kind of clingy.
He may just need some space and may get back with you later on. Or he might not want to get back with you. 
Best advice for me to give you is to give it time. If you try to jump back into a relationship with him, you could scare him off.
I’m sorry if this is so late.
If anyone else wants to give some advice for this Anon, please feel free to do so!

Like it? Don’t? Please let me know.By the way, this is the biggest I can get the text. At least with this much text.

Like it? Don’t? Please let me know.

By the way, this is the biggest I can get the text. At least with this much text.