Honestly, I hate compatibility questions.

There’s not a right or wrong answer, it’s just up to the individual. If you want my honest opinion, your astrological sign has nothing to do with the future or the kind of person you’re going to end up with in the long run. The only thing I believe they can really tell you is the kind of personality and characteristics you have. 


Good news!

My boyfriend found me a book about relationships between the signs so I’ll be able to make some compatibility posts now. If you have any particular requests now would be the time to message! I’ll also be answering any other questions you might have right now. 


Aquarius Compatibility:

Everyone keeps asking for compatibility and we’ve done it so much that we have several posts on it.

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Zodiac signs:












This took a long time to put together. I ran into problems and I quit doing it for a while until today. I fixed everything I could today and now here’s an easier way to find what you’re looking for. This is all Aquarius compatibility. So you need to click on the other sign in the couple.

Hope it’s easier for you.

Hey Aquarians!

Like this status if you want me to start back up with the compatibility posts. Also if you have any certain signs you want to know about, tell me in the ask box and I’ll make sure to make those posts first if they haven’t already been done. 


Aquarians, which signs do you find yourself most attracted to?

I know what the whole compatibility stereotype is, but I want to hear your opinion on it. 

Personally, I’m dating a Taurus and I plan on keeping it that way, but apparently we’re not supposed to be all that great together. 

What about you guys? 


islandoflights asked: sorry if you already posted it hahaha but what do you think of an aquarius girl and and gemini guy relationship?!

It can be very promising considering they’re both air signs and both hate to be tied done. Geminis can change their minds a lot so you might be careful of that.
I’ll also do an Aquarius/Gemini post too. I’ll put it on the list. 

If there’s any errors, I’m sorry. I was having a little bit of trouble with this and I’m kind of tired.

If there’s any errors, I’m sorry. I was having a little bit of trouble with this and I’m kind of tired.